Brash. Bright. Fresh. Wildly melodic. Avenue Beat. The genzennial collective of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff are strong, smart, fun – in love with life, each other and getting on with it. The Quincy, Illinois natives, who grew up ingesting social media platforms and theater groups – and turned into the notes of a chord that lands somewhere between Taylor Swift ascending and Billie Eilish at her most real. In 2019, Avenue Beat released their debut self-titled EP that lead singer Savana co-produced alongside David Garcia and Ashley Gorley. With the stretched staccato vowels of the hilarious self-empowering “Delight,” sisters-sticking-together “Be A Bro” or their self-induced euphoria of “Broke,” Avenue Beat beckons listeners with pillows of narcotic harmony, glistening melody and lyrical truths. Their angst-rejecting anthem “Ruin That For Me” is currently ascending at Country radio, while “thank you anxiety” serves as a pressure value from the genre-fluid creators at a time when the world couldn’t feel more out of control. Following back-to-back runs with Mason Ramsey, Avenue Beat joins Rascal Flatts on the road later this year for the FAREWELL: LIFE IS A HIGHWAY TOUR.